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Victoria Park is a beautiful Victorian park, and the Friends do not want to concrete over any of it. However, as with anything, improvements and enhancements can always be made, as long as the can be in keeping with the ethos and character of the park, its user's and the surrounding area.

Following the recent consultation, the top projects for consideration are:

1. Toilets
2. Picnic Area with benches
3. Boardwalk through the wetlands
4. More, and better, seating
5. Shelter
6. Sensory Garden
7. Notice board, with map
8. Paddling pool
9. Outdoor gym equipment
10. Community Centre
11. Signage to different areas of the park



The nearest toilets are all the way over in Victoria Square, near Lidl, a long walk for any of the park users, and especially for toddlers who's control isn't fully developed yet!

Children using the play park are often forced to be dropped over the fence to pee behind a tree in the wetland, so new toilets, centrally located, or near to the childrens' play park is an important flagship project.

Picnic Area


The park is large enough for families, friends and individuals to spend most of the day within its grounds, and so having a convenient place to eat a meal was high on the wish list.

It may be possible to have a dedicated area with picnic benches, or a few benches scattered around the park, or even both, to allow for the pleasant and peaceful experience of al fresco dining.

Boardwalk through the wetlands


A large, but enhancing project, the boardwalk would improve access for all, and enable the wetland area to develop into a proper wildlife spot, with learning and peaceful enjoyment for everyone.



Many people have asked for improved seating, to take a rest while traversing the park, or to sit and watch the world go by, an important and much neglected activity in today's hustle and bustle.



Whilst we are in the sunny English Riviera, we are still in England, where it rains. A lot!

Many of the youngsters, and a lot of adults, would love to be able to sit under a shelter to keep the rain off, whilst waiting for the break in the clouds, or just enjoy the fresh rain-filled air.

Sensory Garden


This could provide learning opportunities for children, as well as a fulfilling experience for those of us less fortunate, with opportunities to touch and smell, or just experience the beauty of a varied garden.

Notice board


To let everyone know what is going on, where, when, and to keep people up to date.

It can also provide a focal meeting point to discuss the park, plans and activities.

Paddling pool


Many of us blessed in years can remember paddling pools in parks of yore. They have mostly disappeared, a casualty of the health and safety culture. This may prove a significant disincentive to providing on in our park, but just because something is difficult, does not mean it shouldn't be tried.

Outdoor gym equipment


Obesity is tipped to become the countries number one killer. Any opportunity to keep ourselves, and our children in tip top condition should be grasped with both hands.

Community Centre


Many people have asked about the grey youth building in Victoria Park, and it's suitability as a Community Centre when the Parkfields site opens. This will be looked at nearer the time.



Victoria Park is large enough that even residents don't know all that is available in the park, let alone the numerous entrances and exits towards other parts of Paignton.

Implementing signage that will help visitors and locals alike will enhance the user experience for everyone.



These projects are listed in order of public preference. However, due to the size and cost of some of them, it will not be possible to complete them in this order, and other considerations may be discussed by the Friends group.

The cheaper projects such as a notice board and signage could be completed fairly quickly, with larger, flagship projects requiring lots of time, grants, and organisation being worked on simultaneously, but taking longer to come to fruitition.

As these issues are discussed and resolved, information will be posted on this site for everyone to read, and comment on.